Module 6


Sustaining TOWN in 2011

pptSustaining TOWN powerpoint

TOWN planning matrix 

pdfTOWN planning matrix

TOWN action plan

pdfAction plan template

Learning objects

Blooming subtraction

This learning object enables students to practise subtraction facts with numbers up to 20.

Blooming Subtraction

Butterfly wings

Butterfly wings

Lesson plans

What is compensation?

To recognise that when the same amount is added to two numbers, the difference remains the same

pdfWhat is compensation?

Finding the difference

This lesson assists students to understand and use the strategies of building up and jumping back to find the difference between two two-digit numbers.

pdfFinding the difference

Teaching activities 

Make 24

pdfMake 24

Guide to the TOWN resources 


pdfPlease click here to view the location of each TOWN website resource


Module 5


Continuous assessment

This presentation engages teachers in discussion about continuous assessment, monitoring student progress and providing feedback for learning.

zipContinuous assessment 1.2MB

Lesson plans

How much taller?

This lesson will assist students to represent a subtraction problem using a tape diagram

pdfHow much taller?


To strengthen students' understanding of counting forwards and backwards by tens and ones, on and off the decade. 
To introduce students to a conceptual understanding of the jump strategy.

zipTracks notebook

pdfPV Lesson Tracks

pdfPV Lesson Tracks BLM 1

pdfPV Lesson Tracks BLM 2

pdfNumber Grid instructions 

Teaching activities

Same Difference

This activity will assust students to understand that when the same amount is added to two numbers the difference remains the same.



Between Modules activities

pdfBetween Modules activities




Module 4


Using tape diagrams to support student learning

This presentation introduces teachers to the use of tape diagrams as thinking tools.

zipTape diagrams

Word problems

This document provides examples of word problems suitable for use in lessons focusing on the five hurdles described in Newman’s error analysis.

pdfWord problems

Lesson plans

Licorice machine

This lesson enables students to identify prime numbers and the factors of numbers up to 100.

pdfLicorice machine lesson plan

pdfLicorice machine BLM

Using Tape diagrams

Teaching activities


This activity strengthens the students' understanding of the inverse relationship between multiplication and division and enhances the students’ fluency in recalling multiplication and division facts.


Easy multiplications

To investigate strategies for mental computation with multiplication

pdfEasy multiplications

 Easy divisions 

To investigate strategies for mental computation with division

pdfEasy divisions

Between Modules activities

pdfBetween Modules activities





Module 3

Multiplication & division learning plans

docM&D Learning plan template

pdfM&D Sample learning plan

Lesson plans

Partially covered areas

This lesson assists students to determine the number of items in an array when the number of groups can be seen but the individual items in each group are not visible.

Structuring sevens

This lesson uses structured number strips to strengthen the students' understanding of the relationship between multiplication facts.

pdfStructuring sevens

zipStructured number strips

Teaching activities

M&D activities

These activities support the students' learning at each level of the Multiplication and division framework. Teachers need to select the appropriate activity according to student need, as determined by the framework.

zipM&D activities


Lesson study

Lesson study is a professional learning model aimed at improving student learning through collaborative lesson development and refinement.

zipLesson study

Between Modules activities

pdfBetween Modules activities




Module 2


This presentation will provide teachers with training to address within a lesson the needs of students who are at different levels of conceptual understanding.

pptPlanning for differences

Lesson plans

Covered blocks

This lesson strengthens students' ability to count on from a given number to find the total of two groups.

pdfCovered blocks

pdfCovered blocks blm 1

pdfCovered blocks blm 2

Step back

This lesson focuses on subtracting numbers one or two fewer than a multiple of ten.

pdfStep back

Resting on ten

This lesson assists students to understand and use the strategy of bridging to ten to solve two-digit additions.

pdfResting on ten

Add to 100

This lesson develops a range of mental computation strategies, including bridging to ten, to solve addition and subtraction tasks.

pdfAdd to 100

Teaching activities

 Drop 10

This activity strengthens the students’ knowledge of pairs of numbers that add to 10.

pdfDrop 10

Ten frame count on

This activity strengthens students' number knowlegde of combinations up to 20 and develops the bridging to ten strategy.

pdfTen-frame count on

Between Modules activities

 pdfBetween Modules activities